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Al-Qirq Al-Uqaili

Al-Qurs Al-Uqaili is a type of famous traditional sweet. It is characterized by its soft texture. Qasr al-Uqaili is made

Attai tea

Attai tea is a popular drink in Arab countries. Atay tea is an important part of Arab tradition and culture.


Hibiscus is a drink that is considered one of the famous drinks in the Middle East and North Africa. It

Iced tea

Iced tea is a refreshing drink prepared by boiling tea leaves, then cooling them and pouring them over ice. Sugar,

Medina tea

Medini tea is a popular type of tea blended with natural herbs and spices. It is distinguished by its rich

Mineral water

Water is an important source of hydrating the body and eliminating toxins, and it helps maintain the body’s health and

Sectarian tea

Taif tea is a traditional and distinctive tea drink that is prepared and served in some Arab and Eastern societies.

Shed tea

Saqifa tea is a kind of famous tea. It is characterized by its strong, hot taste and thick texture. Saqifa

Steam shed tea

Saqifa Steam Tea is a special type of famous tea, characterized by its unique preparation process, where the tea is

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Group 27

There are many different products